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Abrams confirms The Cloverfield Paradox monster is the same creature from the first movie!
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The Cloverfield monster which made a cameo appearance at the end of the third Cloverfield movie, The Cloverfield Paradox is in fact the same monster which terrorized Manhattan in the first Cloverfield film, according to J. J. Abrams during a recent press junket for the film:

It’s the same creature. But definitely bigger.

The Cloverfield Paradox director Julius Onah added:

I mean it was a baby in the first one, so maybe it started eating its Wheaties and grew a little bit.

Confirming that the creature is indeed the same one from the first Cloverfield raises a bunch of questions - specifically regarding the monster's true origins. In Cloverfield 3 its insinuated that when the Cloverfield space station experiences their accident, it caused a rip in spacetime, unleashing the monster from another dimension. However, if this monster is the same one from the first movie, that would mean the events of the first film already took place - in a time well before the space station was even conceived.

In addition to confirming the monsters of both films were the same, Abrams also revealed a 10 Cloverfield Lane easter egg which was cut from The Cloverfield Paradox:

During the spacewalk sequence [in Paradox] and all this debris is flying around, there was a truck that was going around. And it was from 10 Cloverfield Lane, it was Stambler’s truck. But it was one of those things that once again, some people called it out as being too crazy, I loved it, because I thought it was just so bonkers, but some people felt it was too distracting, I thought it was amazing

What do you make of Abrams' comments? Do the Cloverfield movies fit into any logical order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to Horrorfreaknews for the excerpts!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2018-02-25 10:01:08


MemberTagruato InternFeb-26-2018 11:05 AM

ok? so the same monster that attacked Manhattan somehow got from one continent to another in one night after the attack in NYC, grew up?

if that where true, why wasn't it ever mentioned in Cloverfield that the world was on the brink of war? I mean, the first movie setting was set in a pretty chill time? The black outs never bothered a huge city like NYC? It all seems a little far fetched even for a monster movie. NOTHING was brought up about the space station/war/power shortages in Cloverfield.

This is a fun franchise, but don't be feeding us convoluted bull to sell these movies to us J.J. !


MemberTagruato InternFeb-26-2018 12:09 PM

Yeah this doesn't make any sense. If the events of the first film had happened, you'd think the whole movie would be about "What do we do against the mountain sized monster?". 


MemberTagruato InternFeb-26-2018 2:00 PM

I can understand the focus of the film being about the space station breaking through an alternate universe thus being the origin for the Cloverfield monster, the film does touch on the monster a bit but the film isn't about the monster, its about the reason why the monster is there in the first place.

But to throw at us to say that the monster grew in one night? while its attacking 2 parts of the world at the same time? doubt it.

I would have bought that the end of this movie is another alternate reality or universe where there are more monsters all over the world. And that the rip in time and space sent monsters to all kinds of universes and time rips on earth in different realities. I would believe that. That makes more sense. That is more creepy, that way you can make up all kind of continuity to all the future films to come and say "its another universe an another earth" that will get you out of so many problems that you can make 100 cloverfield films and they can take place whenever and wherever and whatever you want!

But they choose to shove this garbage that the monster in the end of the film is the same from a different movie only in a different part of the world and a different size so shortly after its attack in NYC?

Well, I see where this franchise is going. Its going to piss off all of us off in the end.


MemberCloverfieldFeb-27-2018 11:33 AM

Confusion field. 


MemberTagruato InternMar-01-2018 11:44 AM

I thought that they (the movies in the franchise) weren't supposed to be in the same timeline.


MemberParasiteMar-01-2018 4:14 PM

I think it just shows how LAZY Writers are nowadays....

While the event could describe HOW Cloverfield Monsters had been introduced to alternative universes, to claim this event leads to the Original is odd...

The only way this adds up, is if the Paradox not only effected the Universe of Cloverfield but also affected its Time.... or that while Parallel Universes happen side by side... not every Alternative Universe is stuck in the same EXACT Time-Line.

I think the Next Movie OVERLORD will attempt to address exactly this, so that something happens in this Movie where its in the 1940's and the Cloverfield Paradox movie event causes something to this Overlord Universe where its currently in the 1940's just as it had with the Cloverfield Movie universe when it was set in 2007/2008 etc.

Movie fan

MemberCloverfieldApr-26-2018 6:03 AM

I have a theory:

1. When the station first teleported the monster appeared from some sort of non-exsistance.

2. The monster then had offspring.(The large shadow you see when the city is first attacked.)

3. When the station is teleported back to their reality, one of the offspring is teleported back in time and attacks NYC.

4. The baby escapes NYC and goes into hiding for many years growing up to become the monster.

That's the paradox: monster has baby, baby becomes monster and births itself. (Just so you know, i'm pretty sure the monster had more than one offspring.)


MemberTagruato InternApr-26-2018 6:36 AM

^That's a possibility but thanks to the misdirection and convoluted story, we the audience will never know. I don't think the director or producer knows either.

How can the baby clover monster go back into hiding for many years? With the army keeping it tracked and monitored how can anything that big just hide and then get even bigger with no one noticing it for years?

I just think the whole movie thinks we are stupid and gullible enough to think any of this could work. For once I think this movie would have worked better without the Clover monster in it. Not to pander to its audience at all and just have this piece of shit just lie in its own pile of shit away from the other movies.

Movie fan

MemberCloverfieldApr-26-2018 6:52 AM

I don't think they could track it then, remember the first movie was seen through the camera, meaning that they couldn't confirm if they killed the creature or not.

The military needed to confirm the death of the creature, so they watched the video from the camera closest to the strike so they could get an idea if the creature survived or not. (It did survive apparently.)


MemberTagruato InternApr-26-2018 9:15 AM

So if it can survive a military strike, I wonder how it would do against the Pacific Rim kaiju.


MemberTagruato InternApr-26-2018 9:44 AM

yes the film was represented through the film, still doesnt hold up to me. How can you lose a monster that big? Unless it went underwater or something, i doubt the theory carries.

The film was supposed to show other info aboutthe monster. the military only had the camera as evidence of other things unaware of the military. Theres no way the military lost this thing in NYC. HOW?

Unless it got sucked through the immense plot hole of Paradox somehow then ill believe that. Sorry, but your theory is missing some things here. The  Paradox movie was just that bad that nothing can save it. 


MemberTagruato InternApr-27-2018 10:11 AM

In other words, nothing can save Cloverfield, but everything can destroy it.

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