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Cloverfield 4: Monster might be a deadly virus instead of a giant creature!
Scified2023-02-07 09:33:09
Written by Chris23,485 Reads3 Comments2023-02-07 09:33:09

Cloverfield 4 is currently in development with director Babak Anvari at the helm with a script by Joe Barton. J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot are once again producing the next installment which will act as a more traditional sequel to the original Cloverfield directed by Matt Reeves. Since Cloverfield celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, talk of where the franchise is headed has been reignited and Matt Reeves has teased what the new monster might be in the next film!

Speaking to SyFy during a recent interview, Matt Reeves explains that the next threat to enter the Cloververse will likely be a deadly virus - to play on the anxiety and fears induced by the Covid pandemic:

It would be about a virus. The funny thing about making that movie, like I said, for me, it opened up the idea of making genre movies and specifically about exploring your own feelings about things. I had such anxiety that was related to… I mean, I still have such anxiety. I think I wouldn’t be a filmmaker if I didn’t have anxiety.

Reeves continues on:

Every movie that I’ve made is some sort of depiction of my internal anxiety. I think today, it would absolutely come from the uncertainty of what you can’t see and the idea that being next to someone, you could catch something. There have been some really scary [viral thrillers]. Contagion is certainly really scary ... There would be a scary [Cloverfield] movie to do for sure about the spread of the virus.

This doesn't confirm the next film will present a deadly virus as the main antagonist, but Reeves alludes it's very possible - and rather fitting considering the current climate.

However, paired with previous reports that confirm Cloverfield 4 will be more of a traditional, direct sequel to the original, we can assume the film won't be completely devoid of giant monsters.

Would you prefer a giant monster flick for the next film? Or would a Contagion-style sequel be more entertaining in your opinion? Sound off in the comments below!



MemberBad RobotFeb-07-2023 9:43 AM

sometimes I think film makers are just.... freaking stupid and don't use logic at all


MemberTagruato EmployeeFeb-07-2023 11:50 AM

I thought that this was supposed to be a direct sequel to the first Cloverfield, so why do they want to make it about a virus instead of a giant monster?


AdminCloverFeb-07-2023 8:29 PM

It could of course be a blend of both - it's very possible the Cloverfield monster could have brought with it alien pathogens that Earth has never discovered before. There's many ways they could spin this (if they do) that would make sense and could still incorporate the monster itself. Could also involve a human engineered virus to try and combat the Monster(s) which inevitably mutate to attack Humans too. So many possibilities but I'm not opposed to the idea!

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